Thank you to our donors at all levels over the past year. While space prevents us from listing all names, please know that your support is deeply appreciated.

$1,000,000 and above

Ms. Janice K. Halliday *

$100,000 – $200,000

Mr. Robert G. Engman and
Mrs. Mary Jane Engman

Mrs. Judy Wilpon and
Mr. Fred Wilpon

$20,000 – $30,000

Albert C. Bostwick Foundation,
Mr. Albert C. Bostwick, and
Mr. Andrew G. Sage, II

Dr. Edda Gomez-Panzani *

Grayson Jockey Club Research Foundation

Dr. Donald C. Powell and
Mrs. Rita L. Powell

Ms. Alice C. Sinclair

$10,000 – $19,999

Mr. David A. Behnke and
Mr. Paul F. Doherty Jr.

Royal Veterinary College

Mr. W. Weldon Wilson and
Ms. Elaine C. Wilson

$5,000 – $9,999

Mr. John E. Butler

Mr. George D. Edwards Jr. and
Mrs. Gail Edwards

Mrs. Ellen Frenkel

Dr. Richard P. Henry and
Mrs. Fay N. Henry

Mr. John C. Oxley and
Mrs. Debby Oxley

University of Bristol



$1,000 – $4,999

Dr. Doug Antczak and
Dr. Wendy S. Robertson

Dr. Judith A. Appleton and
Dr. Donald H. Schlafer

Ms. Wendy H. Bicknell

Dr. Joanne Margaret Bicknese

Dr. John J. Brennan and
Mrs. Mary S. Brennan

Mr. Robert Bruns

Mr. Robert C. Chalfont

Ms. Michele Digiansante

Mrs. Vivian Donnelley

Edna P. Jacobsen
Charitable Trust for Animals

Dr. Claire G. Engle

Finger Lakes Kennel Club

Ms. Ashley B.L. Fischer and
Mr. Keith S. Fischer

Mr. William F. Gratz and
Mr. James Bruno

Greater Milwaukee Foundation,
Steven S. Lindsay Memorial Fund

Mr. John T. Griffith

Ms. Nancy J. Hamilton

Ms. Germaine L. Hodges

Dr. David Harvey Jenkins and
Mrs. Patrice Kay Jenkins

Ms. Doris H. Jenkins*

Mr. Robert J. Joy and
Ms. Priscilla T. Joy

Ms. Janis L. Koch

Mr. John Konwiser and
Mrs. Anabel Konwiser

Ms. Natalie R. Maas*

Dr. Peter L. Malnati Jr. and
Mrs. Gail Malnati

Ms. Pamela W. McGarry

Dr. Lloyd E. Miller

Optigen, LLC

Dr. John Stuart Leslie Parker and
Dr. Tracy Stokol

Shirley W. and William L. Griffin Foundation

Ms. Susan Suwinski and
Mr. Jan H. Suwinski

Tioga County Kennel Club

Mrs. Anne Torda

Ms. Tina Visalli

Dr. Jonathan P. Walker

Dr. Alexander H. Walsh III

Dr. Gayle Watkins

Ms. Kathrin C. Welsch

Ms. Joan C. Willson

$500 – $999

Adirondack Foundation,
Rocky Bog Fund

Ms. Denise Avery

Back Mountain Kennel Club

Ms. Helen M. Baran

Mr. Stephen F. Beaudin and
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Beaudin

Dr. Albert M. Beck and
Mrs. Patricia P. Beck

Mr. Ward C. Belcher

Dr. Maria A. Castiglione

Ms. Margaret L. Cone

Mr. Neil J. Cronin

Mr. Arthur J. Dubois Jr. and
Ms. Sarah Gager

Ms. Elise Gabriele

Mrs. Susan O. Grabel and
Mr. Jeffry Grabel

Dr. James C. Krepp and
Mrs. Deborah Krepp

Ms. Marta J. Lawrence

Mr. James J. Leo

Mr. William M. Major Jr.

Mrs. Carol V. Mead

Dr. Alexander J. Miller

Ms. Caren Morrison

Mrs. Jeanne Picano and
Dr. Dennis J. Picano

Mr. Robert Scalise

Ms. Mary-Jean Secoolish

Mrs. Virginia L. Strunk

Dr. Robert N. Swanson and
Ms. Rosemary D. Karaka

Ms. Prima M. Tamborlani

Ms. Martha Terrell

Dr. Carvel G. Tiekert and
Mrs. Lorraine Tiekert

Dr. Dina P. Tresnan

Dr. Michael J. Tulman

Dr. Alan F. Witter

Dr. James S. Young


* denotes deceased