In addition to public education events such as the Baker Pet Talks, Dr. Fletcher’s robotic dog is also used to teach veterinary students critical care techniques

The Baker Institute, in collaboration with the Cornell Feline Health Center, has successfully organized and sponsored “Baker Pet Talks: Tips from Cornell Experts” since early 2016. The Baker Pet Talks series invites pet owners to learn about a variety of pet issues many of us face, directly from experts of Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Since its inception, Baker Pet Talks audiences have learned about:

  • Pet CPR
  • Behavior issues in dogs and cats
  • Canine flu
  • Heart disease in cats
  • Allergies in dogs

Originally intended as an in-person event for our local community, the success of the first Baker Pet Talks lead us to realize that this valuable resource should be shared with as many pet owners and lovers as possible.

Thanks to a recent partnership with CornellCast, we are able to livestream the event – making it accessible to anyone with internet connection. It also enables us to accept questions submitted prior to and during the event, and to archive the presentation so viewers can watch them at their convenience.

“Great information – thank you for having this available for the public!” –Anonymous

“Thank you. Seminar very informative and easy to follow! – Caroline

“Excellent broadcast, many thanks for making it available!” – Natalia

Last year’s Baker Pet Talks – Pet CPR was watched by more than 200 people in over 10 countries! If you missed the last two presentations (Pet CPR or Behavior issues in dogs and cats), you can watch them here:

The topic for the next Baker Pet Talks is Pet Nutrition and will take place on December 6. If you can’t join us, be sure to catch the livestream or a recording of the event!